Gate Line, is an international transport company based in Thessaloniki,founded by people with 20 years experience in international transports.
Our company can provide integrated transport services to its clients covering them with responsible, professional advice and a well-organized network of correspondents / suppliers to complete (full) or partial (groupage) shipments to and from all over Europe, in whatever way you choose to promote their goods by road, by air or by sea.
Our specialty staggered and complete shipments of hazardous / dry cargoes to and from Italy.
Our goal is to provide a wide range of transport services which can cover all possible needs of our customers safely and consistently.
Our company has set up a secure network to meet the multifaceted needs our customers face on a daily basis directly related to the parameters of reliability, cost and immediacy of service.
Main factors that highlight and reliable the high level of services enjoyed by our customers, selected our correspondents, the seamless movement of goods, reducing transportation costs, the combination of experience, art and imagination in shipments and direct promotion of missions Greece.
We believe that the transfer can be done quickly, safely and at low cost, and work especially on this. Properly trained staff, modern art equipment, infrastructure building and our love for what we do, contribute significantly to ensuring the quality of our services.
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